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of the newly released iphone 5s and 5c. joining us is max wolf and jmp security analyst matthew. the estimates called for a profit of $7.96 a share on revenue of $36.93 billion for the quarter. max, what else are going to be the highlights of this quarter? >> i think -- thanks for having me. i think we want to see the guidance. we want to see how well the 5s is doing and maybe not how well the 5c is doing. with the two weeks of data we have it's a little premature. and we want to gauge how weak the sale of ipad were before they refreshed the product a few weeks ago. >> good stuff. alex, how do you see the third quarter shaking up? >> i think max is absolutely right. in is more about the guide than about what we got in q3. a lot of people are concerned right now that maybe the 5c isn't doing do too well out of the gate. what we want to know is this wider channel, more emerging market exposure, particularly china, how is that helping the december quarter. >> i mean, going into the end of the year, are you optimistic in terms of holiday sales? you know, the last couple of years it's been all abou
max wolf sees twitter as a great momentum growth story. larry, what is your problem with twiter? >> i don't like it, first of all if it comes out $25 it's double the valuation of facebook at 40 times sales versus 20 times sales. the difference is they're not profitable. facebook at the tirmme was $1 billion profit. i don't see any sustainable growth. i think they're coming out way too early and they're not ready for it. talk about $25 billion. i think if anything, maybe $8 billion valuation. and i still would stay away from it. i think people, if they get in, are going to get burned. i could see this thing going way down. >> max, let's talk about this for a second. i know twitter has been a growth story. i have a little bit of an issue with the survey we did because we're surveying users of twitter, so-called millenials. that immediately makes me think of my 20-year-old niece, samantha. she doesn't have any money to put in the stock market. she's still in college. i don't know why we think users of twitter, millenials will have any money to put in a stock mar
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2